DAT PAT Cube Counting Method

Perceptual Ability Test Cube Counting Method for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT)


The cube counting method is a common way for pre-dental students to ace the cube counting portion of the DAT. The cube counting section of the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) involves looking at a three dimensional stack of cubes and imagining that the figure is painted. You must then count the faces of the cubes neglecting the bases and determine how many sides of the cube are painted. Beware of invisible cubes, invisible cubes are cubes behind a stack of cubes that may possibly be there, but because you can’t see them you assume there is nothing there, the only invisible cubes you can assume are present in the figure are invisible cubes that are used to support other cubes.

Useful Assumptions For The Cube Counting Portion of the DAT

1. The only hidden cubes are cubes required to support other cubes.

2. The figure is assumed to be continuous, meaning there are no gaps between cubes or cube structures.

3. There are no floating cubes.

The Cube Counting Method Tutorial

In the Dental Admissions Test Perceptual Ability Section you will be given a figure like the figure shown below.

DAT,PAT,perceptual,ability,test,dental,admissions,pre-dental,guide,cube,counting,techniqueYou will then be asked a series of 3-5 questions on this figure the questions will be asking how many cubes have sides 0-5 painted. While taking the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) you will be given a felt marker with two laminated sheets of paper with an eraser. You should construct a diagram like the one shown below to help you keep track of the number of cubes with the number of sides painted:

DAT,PAT,Dental,Admissions,Test,Perceptual,Ability,Tutorial,Cube,Counting,method,pre-dentalThe Numbers represent the number of sides painted, and you draw vertical for each cube that has the number of sides painted. So if a figure had 4 cubes that had 5 sides painted there would be 5 horizontal lines next to five. So lets try out this method for the cube figure above.

The figure below shows the number of sides painted inside each of the cubes.

DAT,PAT,Dental,Admissions,Test,Perceptual,Ability,Tutorial,Cube,Counting,method,pre-dentalYour Diagram should look like the one below:

DAT,PAT,Dental,Admissions,Test,Perceptual,Ability,Tutorial,Cube,Counting,method,pre-dentalWith this diagram you can easily see that this figure has 0 cubes with 0 sides painted, 0 cubes with one side painted, 1 cube with two sides painted, 4 cubes with three sides painted, 3 cubes with four sides painted, and 2 cubes with 5 sides painted. This technique allows you to easily keep track of the number of cubes with a their respective number of sides painted. Using this technique many pre-dental students including myself continually ace the cube counting portion of the DAT.

I have also posted a video below on youtube explaining this technique, the video is shown below:

Now that you have learned how the cube counting technique for the Dental Admission Test (DAT) Try it out on PreDDS.NET’s Cube Counting Practice Problems located below:

Cube Counting Test 1

Cube Counting Test 2

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