PreDDS.NET Pre-Dental Article Submission

Here at PreDDS.NET we are pleased to announce our Article Submission Program. If you are a Pre-Dental or Dental student who has great information share it! PreDDS.NET has over 3,000 visitors per month and the numbers keep on rising! Write you articles here at PreDDS.NET and they will be viewed by Pre-Dental Students across the USA!

Why Should I Post My Article on PreDDS.NET?

Top 5 Reasons To Post an Article on PreDDS.NET

1. Your Article will be viewed by thousands of Pre-Dental students, PreDDS.NET has over 3,000 visitors per month!


2. Have a Pre-Dental Website or Blog, promote it with a link! If you have a Pre-Dental Website or Blog, you can write an article on PreDDS.NET and post a link to your website or blog to help gain traffic to your site, PreDDS.NET ranks on the top of google for many search terms, increasing the amount of Inbound links will help you rank higher on google!


3. You have a great Article, why post it on when you don’t get any credit for that article?


Articles on Public Forums can be copied and pasted, and others can steal your article and call it their own. PreDDS.NET does not take credit for Articles posted by another person, and the original poster of that article maintains copyright and intellectual ownership of that article. The article you posted is yours, you can modify, delete it, or add on to it, the choice is yours!


4. You posted this great article, that many people read, why not post some ads within the article?

With PreDDS.NET’s HTML editor you can add as many ads as you want to your article, it is completely customizable (Except for font style and background color). If you have an awesome article that generates a lot of traffic, add an add to make money off that article!

Add google Adsense Code, or any other ads!


5. Contributors to PreDDS.NET gain an advanced account, and can add pages to PreDDS.NET with just the click of a mouse! You also can edit, add to, or delete your Articles whenever you want, the article is yours to do whatever you like with it!


If anyone would like to submit an article to PreDDS.NET e-mail Jon at [email protected] after your register for an account with your article topic. Article Contributors will get an advanced account on PreDDS.NET in which they can add articles anytime they want!






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