PreDDS.NET Partnership Program

PreDDS.NET will now be offering a partnership program for all pre-dental clubs. If your pre-dental club needs a webpage PreDDS.NET will provide one for your club. If you would like a blog, create one through PreDDS.NET. Your blog or club name will be http://PreDDS.NET/XXXXXXX. XXXXXX is whatever you choose. PreDDS.NET uses wordpress to create your pages, which is an easy way to build a website, if you need help learning how to use the wordpress platform visit, or visit and look up tutorials about how to make a wordpress blog. E-mail me if you need help configuring your blog/club website.

Steps for creating a blog/website:

1. Register and sign up for PreDDS.NET, confirm your account by e-mail.

2. Go to the community menu and click on blog.

3. Click the Create Blog on the top of the Page.

4. Type in your desired website address and blog/club name.

5. Click Create Blog.

6. Your done! To access your control panel for your blog/ club website go to

Why Partner with PreDDS.NET?

PreDDS.NET offers information important for pre-dental students such as Dental Admissions Test (DAT) guides, Dental School Lists with links, Inerview Information, a Personal Statement Guide, Dentistry Specialties, and information about financing Dental School. Also the information on PreDDS.NET is not static, it is constantly changing. If you think some information on the DAT guide can be changed or improved, e-mail me and I will change it. If you would like to add a page or contribute e-mail me and I will add your page. My main goal is to make PreDDS.NET a community in which everyone contributes to provide reliable information to help students get into Dental School.

Creating a Pre-Dental Blog or Pre-Dental Club Website Tutorial

For those of you who have no website experience or need help making a Pre-Dental club website or Pre-Dental blog I have added some video tutorials below. The Platform used to make the website/blog through PreDDS.NET is wordpress, and there are also many other tutorials about using wordpress on youtube, if you need additional help.

Note: To view the videos better use fullscreen mode and play the video in High Definition 1080P HD.

Video Tutorial Part 1

Video Tutorial Part 2

Contact [email protected] for partnership program information and to join!

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