DAT Preparatory Materials


Dental Admissions Test (DAT) Prep Materials

Listed below are Dental Admissions Test (DAT) preparatory materials. These materials are valuable for students who want to ace the DAT. I have the books listed along with simulated exams. Many of the books go over what will be covered in the DAT, and tips and tricks for doing well in each section. The simulated tests simulate a real DAT test environment, the computer programs used look exactly like what the official DAT will look like. These simulated exams are essential for you to get a feel for the test and practice pacing yourself throughout the test. The other section lists websites with important study information/topics to help you review for the DAT. Click on the amazon slide show on the bottom of the page to view each DAT preparatory material.

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1. Kaplan DAT 2009-2010 Edition (Kaplan Dat (Dental Admission Test))– Essential for reviewing all aspects of the DAT test except for the biology section, other books such as Cambells Biology Textbook 7th Edition, or CliffsNotes AP Biology are needed to gain a more in depth review of the biology section of the DAT. Practice exams are included.

2. CliffsAP Biology– A great resource for reviewing one of the most difficult sections on the DAT, the biology section, recommended to everyone because its only $15 used.

3. DAT Destroyer– Essential books for having a wide range of practice problems. These books mostly contain practice problems with detailed answers.

4. Barron’s DAT: Dental Admissions Test (Barron’s How to Prepare for the Dental Admissions Test (Dat))– This book is like the Kaplan Book, it covers every section of the DAT, however it has gotten low reviews. There have been many complaints about this book being full of errors, but I still would recommend it because it has some good concepts and breaks down the PAT section well.

5. Campbells Biology Textbook 7th Edition– A highly recommended book by students who have taken the DAT. This book goes more in depth for biology than the Kaplan Blue Book. Many students recommend focusing on chapters 19-21.

Simulated Test Software


1. Crack DAT -I have personally used this software and have found it an indispensable resource for the perceptual ability test, quantitative reasoning test, and reading test, this test gives you detailed answers in the perceptual ability test, and video tutorials in the math section. All the other sections are pretty useless and do not give you accurate results compared to the DAT.

2. Scholarware Topscore DAT Test Software– Another simulated test software, a 2010 version is out, I would recommend this program.

3. DAT Achiever Dental Admission Test Prep 7 Full-Length Sample Exams– This program contains 7 tests. The tests have not been updated since 2008, but are still recommended highly by pre-dental students.

4. DATQVault–  DATQVault has tests for every
section of the Dental Admission Test (DAT) except for the Perceptual
Ability Test (PAT). These tests have detailed explanations and are
totally worth your money! I personally think this study material should
be higher on the list. This website has about 10 tests per subject
except for the Perceptual Ability Section which has zero and the Reading
Comprehension Section which has 6 tests. Once you finish the software
estimates your Dental Admission Test (DAT) score which is very
representative of the real thing. The software also tells you what
sections you should study up on. Internet is required to take these

5. Godfrey’s Reading Comprehension DAT Test Prep Software– This test prep software offers 10 Reading Comprehension tests to simulate the real Dental Admissions Test Reading Comprehension section. This test prep software comes with detailed answers to every question and 2 science passages for every test. This software is a bit pricey ($65), and many students have complained their passages are too long compared to the real DAT. Nonetheless this software is good practice for reading comprehension.

DAT Online Prep Courses

1. The UMKC School of Dentistry DAT Prep Course– The UMKC School of Dentistry offers an Online DAT Prep course for $495. Usually I won’t bother adding DAT prep courses to the list at PreDDS.NET because most of them are overpriced. However this prep course is 1/3 the price of Kaplan’s and taught by professors at UMKC & UMKC School of Dentistry via online Webinars. This is a great deal and all pre-dental students should check it out!

DAT Video Tutorial Websites

1. Ross PAT Videos & 3 Full Length PAT Tests– Ross’ PAT videos have helped many students do well of the Perceptual Ability Section of the Dental Admission Test (DAT). Ross’ scored a 25 on the PAT and he has helped others score just as well. His videos and tests are only 29.99 for 90 days a great deal!

2. Chad’s Chemistry Video Tutorials– This has been a highly recommended source for reviewing the organic & inorganic chemistry section on the DAT. These are video explanations that cover every aspect of organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry, they also come with practice problem sets. These videos are available for a month subscription fee, and from what I have heard are totally worth it.

3. Freelance Teacher– Here is a free alternative to Chad’s Videos. Freelance Teacher offers free math, general chemistry, physics, biology, and organic chemistry tutorial videos. This is a great option for people who are on a budget and cannot afford Chad’s videos. I have not used these videos personally, but I heard they are a great resource, and what do you have to lose they’re free!

4. Kahn Academy– These are free Videos/Practice Problems which cover just about everything you will see on the Dental Admissions Test (DAT), except for Reading Comprehension & Perceptual Ability. This website has a huge compilation of Videos as well as practice problems, check it out!

5. Sumana’s Biology Videos– These videos are excellent resources for the biology section of the Dental Admissions Test. These are flash videos that explain big topics in biology that you are likely to see on the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). A few of the topics covered in flash videos on their website include, cellular respiration, mitosis, meiosis, the ovarian cycle, the mammalian kidney, independent assortment, the lac operon, and much more! Check these videos out!

6. Hippocampus.org– This is an awesome biology website that has all the subjects you are likely to see on the AP Biology exam (and most of the subjects for the DAT exam as well) on a fun easy to use digital media site. This site has loads of biology information, check it out!



1. Organic Chemistry Handouts– Here is a website that offers free Organic Chemistry handouts for students. Some handouts include tutorials on nomenclature, Index of Hydrogen Deficiency, Spectroscopic data and tutorials, functional groups, and much more!

2. The Eyeballing Game- This game was designed for woodworkers, this game features angle discrimination, finding convergence of angles, midpoints, and more! This is a great game to help hone your skills for the angle ranking section of the Dental Admissions Test (DAT).

3. Organic Chemistry Spectroscopy– A nice website that breaks down the theory and has tutorial for IR and HNMR, this website has many tutorials and practice problems, a great resource for IR and HNMR.

4. Condog51’s PAT Videos– A guy named Ross created PAT videos which go through every section of the DAT Perceptual Ability Section. Check Them out they are very helpful for those having trouble with the Perceptual Ability Section of the Dental Admissions Test! The best part these are free videos!

5. This website called Aris 9th Edition this website has hundreds of Bio quizzes and bio tests, and explanations for bio sections you will likely see on the Dental Admission Test (DAT). Check it out, its definitely worth your time! Here are all the chapters listed below:

1 A View of Life

Part I The Cell

2 Basic Chemistry

3 The Chemistry of Organic Molecules

4 Cell Structure and Function

5 Membrane Structure and Function

6 Metabolism: Energy and Enzymes

7 Photosynthesis

8 Cellular Respiration

Part II Genetic Basis of Life

9 The Cell Cycle and Cellular Reproduction

10 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction

11 Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance

12 Chromosomal Patterns of Inheritance

13 DNA Structure and Functions

14 Gene Activity: How Genes Work

15 Regulation of Gene Activity and Gene Mutations

16 Biotechnology and Genomics

Part III Evolution

17 Darwin and Evolution

18 Process of Evolution

19 Origin and History of Life

20 Classification of Living Things

Part IV Microbiology and Evolution

21 Viruses, Bacteria, and Archaea

22 The Protists

23 The Fungi

Part V Plant Evolution and Biology

24 Evolution and Diversity of Plants

25 Structure and Organization of Plants

26 Nutrition and Transport in Plants

27 Control of Growth and Responses in Plants

28 Reproduction in Plants

Part VI Animal Evolution

29 Introduction to Invertebrates

30 More Invertebrates

31 Vertebrates

32 Human Evolution

Part VII Comparative Animal Biology

33 Animal Organization and Homeostasis

34 Circulation and Cardiovascular Systems

35 Lymph Transport and Immunity

36 Digestive Systems and Nutrition

37 Respiratory Systems

38 Body Fluid Regulation and Excretory Systems

39 Neurons and Nervous Systems

40 Sense Organs

41 Locomotion and Support Systems

42 Hormones and the Endocrine Systems

43 Reproductive Systems

44 Animal Development

Part VIII Behavior and Ecology

45 Animal Behavior

46  Ecology of Populations

47 Community Ecology

48 Ecosystems and Human Interferences

49 The Biosphere

50 Conservation Biology


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