Free DAT PAT Practice Test

DAT Testing Center

Today marks the day of the grand opening of the DAT Testing Center at our sister site PreDDS.INFO. The website and the quiz software is currently in BETA mode and we are working on getting the kinks out of the software. We did extensive testing in alpha mode and the quiz system is very stable but please report any bugs to me through the PreDDS.NET messaging system, or leave a comment below.

As a gift to you we are offering a Free DAT PAT Practice test that is 1/3 the length of the official DAT PAT Practice test.

Feature List of the Test System

  • All the Features of the Real DAT Test including previous, next, mark, and review buttons
  • A time remaining timer in the top right-hand corner
  • Screenshot below:
  • Time Taken to complete the test.
  • Percentile Rank of your score compared to all users who took that particular test
  • Results by category
  • Time taken for each question
  • Detailed results
  • Score
  • See Screenshot below
  • Amount of people who answered a particular question
  • See percentage of others who chose a particular selection on a particular answer
  • Screenshot below
  • Answers for each question

Happy Prepping, Remember please leave your feedback for the test either as a comment here, or message me so I can make changes to the test!



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