The Dental School Admissions Interview

Doing well on your interview is required to gain admissions into dental school. You can be a great student with a high GPA and good Dental Admissions Test (DAT) scores and still not get accepted into a dental school. Why!? Because dental schools look for applicants who can clearly articulate and communicate their reasons for desiring a career as a dentist. They look for people with strong communication skills, and social skills that are needed in the field of dentistry. This is why you MUST do well on your interview to gain admissions to dental school. An interview is a lot like public speaking. You must prepare a clear logical reasoning for why you want to become a dentist. You must also anticipate any questions that could be asked during an interview, and have well thought out answers to each of those questions. Preparation is the key to succeeding in any interview, and also make sure you dress appropriately. There are four possible formats for your dental school interview:

1. Group Interview (Rare)

  • Analyze your ability to function in a group. Show initiative and group leadership, incorporate yourself into the conversation.

2. Closed Interview (Common)

  • Interviewer never sees your application. Tell the interviewers about yourself, strong qualities, possible weaknesses, and explain to them why they should pick you over the thousands of other applicants.

3. Semi-Open (Common)

  • Interviewer has access to personal statement. Interviewer does not see GPA or DAT scores. Know every aspect of your personal statement well, use your personal statement as a “road-map” for possible questions.

4. Open (Common)

  • Interviewer has complete access to your application. Get ready to get grilled on for any weaknesses in your application.

Listed below are some other resources to help you prepare for your dental school interview.

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