Financing Dental School Through The Military

Air Force

The Air Force will pay for a dental students tuition, books, living expenses, equipment and supplies needed for study. The only catch is that you need to qualify for the Air Force Dental Health Professions Scholarship Programs (HSPS) scholarship. The Air Force states that 75% of all medical officers currently on active duty received that scholarship. My questions is what if you don’t receive that scholarship, then what? If your one of the 75% who qualify for the scholarship this would be a great program. You must also serve 45 days of active duty during your breaks from school. The Air Force requires four years of active service once completing your DDS/DMD degree, along with four years as a reserve status. No monthly stipend was listed.

This information was adapted from Air Force Dental Health Professions Scholarship Program Packet.


The Navy offered many different plans listed below:

  • Navy Health Professionals Scholarship Program (HSPS).
    • $20,000 dollar sign on bonus
    • Monthly stipend of $2,060 to cover living expenses for 48months
  • Navy Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP).
    • Receive anywhere from $157k-269k while attending dental school
    • Receive a monthly military salary
    • Health care benefits package

The Navy offers other programs besides the HSCP scholarship and is an attractive program. The Navy requires three years of active service. The Navy pays for your tuition completely.

This information was adapted from the US Navy Website.


The army also offers an HSPS scholarship that pays for tuition, room, board, educational equipment expenses, and living expenses. You must qualify as a commissioned officer to receive this scholarship. The scholarship gives you a monthly stipend of $2,000 dollars for living expenses. You must serve on active duty for 6 weeks out of the year. You are required to serve for 4 years after dental school.

This information was adapted from from the US Army Website.


The HSPS scholarship offered by all the branches of the military is only extended to 75% of all Pre-Professionals.

Pre-Dental students who don’t get accepted for that scholarship would have to go another route for funding school (such as the HSCP scholarship offered by the Navy.)

If you do receive the HSPC scholarship you will have to serve 4 years active duty, and 4 years in the reserves.

Just remember nothing is guaranteed, make sure you know what you actually ARE getting and what you MAY get. Joining the military is a very serious decision make and make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Also make sure you have a plan for the worst case scenario such as dropping out of dental school, because you still will owe your country 3-4 years of service and if you do drop out of dental school you may end up serving in combat. Before you sign any contracts to the military make sure you have them read over by a qualified lawyer to make sure you are getting a fair contract.

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