8/17/2011 –Ross’ PAT Videos are Updated! Ross and I (Jonathan) have spent 6 months updating the videos and adding new perceptual ability simulated test software with over 270 PAT Practice Problems!!

New For 2012

  • Ross just finished his first semester in dental school and has added two new videos called Dental Morphology, and Dental Anatomy. For those in dental school these videos are a good way to brush up on basic dental morphology and anatomy. For those applying these videos are an excellent way to learn basic dental anatomy and morphology before dental school, knowing these terms will allow you to be one step ahead of your classmates and would be valuable information for you to know during your interview.

Check out the Features Below:

Ross’ PAT Videos Extended Edition Includes:

Angle Ranking Video Tutorials:

  • Overview of the Angle Ranking Section of the DAT.
  • Comparing Angles Techniques
  • Ross’ Famous & Proven “Rapid Eye Technique”
  • Parallel Lines Techniques
  • Intersecting Lines Techniques
  • Reference Angle Techniques
  • Hill Techniques
  • Laptop Technique

Cube Counting Video Tutorials

  • Overview
  • The Snake Technique is all you need!

Keyholes Video Tutorials

  • Overview
  • Basic Figures with different answer choices
  • Complicated Figures with Near-Identical answer choices

Pattern Folding Video Tutorials

  • Overview
  • Solving Irregular Shapes
  • Solving Shaded Cubes or Shaded Irregular Shapes
  • Solving Dice

Top Front End View Video Tutorials

  • Overview
  • Solid/Invisible Lines
  • Learning where to examine the figure
  • The Height Width and Depth Technique
  • Line Counting Technique
  • Holes/Tunnel Technique

Bonus Videos (Updated 1/14/2012)

  • Ross received 11 Interviews at various dental schools, he will show you how he did it in the Application Process Video!
  • Ross Goes over the basic Dental Anatomy in the “Dental Anatomy” Video
  • Ross Goes over Dental Morphology in the “Dental Morphology” Vide0

Simulated Test Software

Included in your purchase is simulated test software (High Speed Internet Connection Required), which includes:

  • 3 Full-Length PAT Tests
  • 270 Questions
  • Near-Identical Test Taking Conditions
  • Timer
  • Mark/Review Feature
  • Detailed Score Statistics
  • Detailed Answers


Test Results, Percentile Rank, Elapsed Time, Score, Results by Category.

Detailed Results, including the time taken, question category, question number, and correct/incorrect answer.

Test Feedback, Including detailed Answer Explanations, your answer choice vs other people’s statistics.

Real Simulated Test-Taking Conditions including a timer, the previous/next feature, the review feature, and the mark feature!

All this for the low Price of 29.99 for 90 days of access!

Click Here To View & Purchase the product!


5/31/2011- Personal Statements!

Currently PreDDS.NET is looking for Pre-Dental student Personal Statements. If you have been accepted to dental school please consider donating your personal statement. Your Personal statement will be posted on PreDDS.NET in the Personal Statement Guide Section. Your Personal Statement will help other pre-dental students by giving them ideas on topics and help give them direction when writing their personal statement! PreDDS.NET is a community focused on providing free information for pre-dental students, please give back to that community by donating your personal statement! E-Mail Personal Statements to: [email protected] Thanks, PreDDS.NET Admin

Welcome to PreDDS.NET, The Pre-Dental Education Supersite. My mission is to deliver reliable information to help pre-dental students gain acceptance into a DDS/DMD doctoral program.

Being a pre-dental student myself I have searched through many sources to find reliable information about dental school requirements, pre-dental coursework, dental school admissions, pre-dental test preparatory materials, dental admissions test (DAT) information, lists of dental schools in the US, dentist career profile, dentist salary information, dental school admissions statistics, dental school locations, personal statement guides, dental school financing information, and much more. Many websites I’ve found are outdated or inaccurate. Much of the information listed above is scattered throughout the web and would take months to sort through. My goal is to find reliable and updated information and centralize it to one website, PreDDS.NET. My hope is that this information will help guide pre-dental students in their journey to gain admissions to a dental school.

Pre-Dental Blog or Website Creation

Users who register at PreDDS.NET can now create their own website or blog! Are you looking to create a blog about your time as a pre-dental student, or maybe you would like to blog about your experiences in dental school. Would you like to create a website through PreDDS.NET, or perhaps a pre-dental club website? With the PreDDS.NET partnership program you can do that! PreDDS.NET allows for social networking, forum group creation, user group creation, and website/blog creation. PreDDS.NET also contains valuable information for pre-dental students as well. To create a Free blog/website follow the simple steps below: 1. Register and sign up for PreDDS.NET, confirm your account by e-mail. 2. Go to the community menu and click on blog. 3. Click the Create Blog on the top of the Page. 4. Type in your desired website address and blog/club name. 5. Click Create Blog. 6. Your done! To access your control panel for your blog/club website go to www.predds.net/the_website_address_you_picked/wp-admin

PreDDS.NET Website Creation Video Tutorials

For those of you who have no website experience or need help making a Pre-Dental club website or Pre-Dental blog I have added some video tutorials below. The Platform used to make the website/blog through PreDDS.NET is wordpress, and there are also many other tutorials about using wordpress on youtube, if you need additional help. Click on the link below to go to the page containing the videos. PreDDS.NET Pre-Dental Club Website/Blog Tutorial Videos

Example Websites

Check out the Western Washington University Pre-Dental Club website to view an example of a website you can create, many themes, templates, and plugins are available to fully customize your site, the layout can be completely different from the Western Washington University’s Pre-Dental Club Website. Western Washington University Pre-Dental Club Website Lets work together to create a network to provide useful information to help other Pre-Dental students gain acceptance to their prospective DMD/DDS program!

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