Pre-Dental Student Testimonials

Posted below are Testimonials from pre-dental students who have benefited from the materials on PreDDS.NET. Some of these testimonials are breakdowns from students posted on PreDDS.NET who have received very high Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores by using the materials on PreDDS.NET.

  • rkqqnyong Recieved a (23PAT/21TS/22AA) on his DAT. He used the PAT Techniques described on PreDDS.NET. Good Job and we wish you well in Dental School. He posted his results on Studentdoctor.net click here for the link.
  • S-Patel Used the Bio Flashcards & scored in the 95th percentile: He posted his results on Studentdoctor.net Click here for the link.
  • YankeeFan86 Scored in the 90th percentile on the DAT. He used the perceptual ability problems posted here. See his breakdown on studentdoctor.net.
  • GTK06 Did well on the DAT his bio score went from 16 to 18 with the help of predds.net. Check out his score and breakdown at studentdoctor.net
  • Strag got a TS score of 25 (99.9 percentile), and an Academic Average of 23 (99.7 percentile) with the help of PreDDS.NET and the DAT flashcards. Check out his breakdown here.
  • Vicsin got a TS score of 20 (91.3 Percentile) by using Alan’s Bio Notes Posted here on PreDDS.NET. Check out his breakdown here!
  • eOOz got an academic average of 23, and a TS score of 21 on the DAT. He said one of the most valuable resources was the Cliffsnotes AP Bio notes found here on PreDDS.NET! Checkout his breakdown at studentdoctor.net
  • Fijindesu received a TS score of 20 (85.2 percentile), and a AA of 21 (93.4 percentile), he said the materials of PreDDS.NET really helped him out! Checkout his breakdown on Studentdoctor.net
  • Dyslexic received a TS score of 26 (99.6 Percentile) AA of 23 (98.1%), and a bio score of 26 (99.6 Percentile). He used the PreDDS.NET curecards which helped him study for bio! Check out his breakdown on studentdoctor.net.
  • quocstazz received a 19 TS and a 19 AA after only studying for 2 weeks for the DAT! Check out his breakdown on studentdoctor.net

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