Major Tips On How To Study The Biology Material For The DAT

The DAT is the exam taken for dental schools. This exam is not only challenging, but is also very competitive. DAT stands for Dental Admission Test and it is a multiple-choice exam that measures your perceptual abilities and scientific knowledge. Though this exam focuses on a lot of subjects, students have a harder time studying for the biology material for the DAT.

For students who want to become dentists, it is highly requested to take the DAT prior to the year they want to enter school. If the DAT is taken 2 years before the application, only then it can be accepted. A students can take the DAT 3 times max. But they have to wait 90 days between each exam. You have to obtain a DENTPIN before you take the DAT. You have to also make sure to read the DAT program guide to know more information about examination content, testing procedure and scoring. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the vast pool of information that you have to study, don't worry anymore. In this article, we're going to provide you with some major tips to get you started on your journey for the DAT.

Tips To Study For The Biology Material For The DAT

Being Smart While Studying Bio Topics

Focus your time and attention towards subjects that are not familiar to you. Suppose, you took a university course on a topic some time ago. You don't want to spend a lot of time with that topic. Rather, you have to invest your time on subjects you studied a while ago, that you probably don't remember well. Understand how to utilize your time in the right place.

Spending Enough Time For Biology

A lot of people do not understand how much time you have to put into the biology material for the DAT. If you're following a 10-week schedule, you have to spend at least 4-7 hours behind your studies. So, you need to keep a minimum time of 1 hour for biology. Repetition of studying the topics or revising the topics that you studied can bring in great benefit. You cannot study huge piles of biology notes in a sitting. So, what you need to do is distribute your studies into several sections. Then, you can study a section per day.

Consistency Is Key

No matter what subject you are studying for the DAT, consistency is the best way to achieve a good result. In terms of biology, if you are not consistent, you'll find it difficult to remember the vast pool of information that is required for the exam. So, break your biology syllabus into separate pieces and study a piece every day. Try to revise topics that you studied a long time ago or the ones you tend to forget.

Practicing Through Practice Sheets

Practice sheets are very important to test your ability. After you've done studying a topic, always remember to solve practice sheets. They are very handy. It helps you to prepare for the real exam better by making you used to the type of possible questions. It can also point out which topics you are weak in. You can mark the questions you got wrong and study those topics for better performance. You also get confidence for the DAT after participating in so many practice exams.

Studying The 120 Pages Condensed Notes

The 120 pages condensed notes are extremely helpful for a quicker view of the Biology material for the DAT. They cover most of the topics of the bio academy. But, the information in the condensed notes is very concise. If you have difficulty understanding anything, you can easily search it on bio academy. But, if you are pressed for time, these 120 pages condensed notes are the way to go.

An important thing to know is that no matter how many notes you study or however tests you take, you can never get all of the questions common. There are always going to be some tough questions that you've never seen before. Don't let that put you down. Use your intelligence and answer smartly.

Evaluating The Process

  • A practice that you can do is skim through the 120 pages condensed notes. Don't take too long in each note. Mark the topics you are weak in. Then, study those topics again. Don't spend a lot of time on topics you're comfortable with.
  • Solve as many practice sheets as you can. Highlight the topics that you find more on practice exams. Study the topics better that tend to overlap in practice exams.
  • If you think you're weak in certain topics, Mark that place and write that in a notebook. This will make it easier to flip and review the topics that you want to put more attention towards.

Learn From Different Sources

If you think you need to put more time in biology, start with the bio books. Practice your knowledge on DAT destroyer. Read the condensed notes, flashcards,YouTube videos, etc. You have so many sources to study from.

Students who performed well in their DAT said what helped them the most were, DAT destroyer, Chad's videos, and Cliff's AP Biology 3rd edition. Also, here in DAT prep, you can get 25% more questions than anywhere else. You can also pay for it at a very cheap price.

Lastly, you just have to remember to practice and have faith in yourself. The DAT is a multiple choice exam, so as many as you can practice before sitting for the actual exam, the better. Apart from that, just be confident on your answers, you're going to do just fine.

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