Tips For PAT Section Of The DAT

The Perceptual Ability Test, also known as the PAT is the second section of the DAT. While many students think PAT is the easier section of the four, some find it very challenging. The PAT is the test to understand your spatial visualization skills. That means the ability to turn a 3D object into a 2D representation which is crucial for dentists to understand teeth X-rays forming a mental picture, casts, fillings, and so on.

The number of subsections in the PAT is 6. The total number of questions from the PAT is 90. Each subsection consists of 15 questions. The time limit for the PAT is 60 minutes. It is crucial to do well in this test as this exam is scored separately from the other three tests. If you're on the fence about whether your PAT preparations are well or not, don't worry. We've got you covered. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for the PAT section of the DAT.

Tips For The Pat Section Of The DAT

1.Eliminating Distractions

The DAT questions are filled with distractors. Even in the PAT questions, you have to eliminate answers to get rid of the distractors. You have to look for possible answers to the questions and eliminate the distractors and eventually come up with the right answers.

2.Managing Your Time

Time management is one of the most important factors in every exam including the PAT section for the DAT. The maximum time allocated for each question in the PAT is 40 seconds. So, you cannot afford to waste time on this test.

3.Participate In Demo Exams

Practice is key. You have to practice more and more to ace the PAT. The importance on of practice can not be overstated. The best way to do so is by doing practice exams on the go. PAT-DAT Score Booster is such an app that can help you participate in thousands of tests sitting at home. Over 1000s of students got 23+ on their PAT with the help of this app. Also, provides unlimited questions to help you prepare for the PAT. It also gives access to your growth analytics making you learn about your strengths and weaknesses along with growth analysis to keep you focused on your milestone. And, if you get stuck somewhere or get your answers wrong, you'll get detailed explanations to help you understand better the PAT section of the DAT.


At the time of answering TFE, it is very essential to visualize the picture. Because, line counting doesn't work. TFE is the section that requires the most practice. Overhangs, certain holes, and protrusions become natural to visualize through proper practice.

5.Become Well Prepared

Overall, you should take steps to have the best possible preparation in the required time. Do practice sheets to improve your skills. Study the part more in which your weak. Study topics that you've probably learned a long time ago rather than studying what you learned recently.

Follow all these steps and you'll be good to go. We wish you all the very best in your journey.

Don't forget to practice on the go using the PAT DAT Booster App.

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