Top 10 DAT Study Materials for 2011

The Top 10 Hottest DAT Study Material For 2011

Are you getting ready to study for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT)? Are you wondering what study material is worth your time? Well in this PreDDS.NET article we present the 2011 top DAT study material rated by other pre-dental students, along with a brief overview and review of the top 10 DAT study materials! This will help you decide what study material to buy for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). All the information below was rated by pre-dental students in a poll, and does not reflect what PreDDS.NET believes is the top DAT study material, a link to the poll is provided at the bottom of the page.

Top 10 DAT Study Materials

1. DAT Achiever– The DAT Achiever is a favorite for many pre-dental students. This program comes in a 3 test version or a 5 test version. The three test version costs 69.99. This program simulates real DAT test taking conditions and gives you detailed explanations with 3-D explanations for the perceptual ability section. This version comes with 840 questions. This Material received 39 Votes.

2. Crack DAT PAT– CrackDAT PAT is a favorite for pre-dental students looking to improve their perceptual ability score on the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). This program simulates real DAT test taking conditions and comes with 10 perceptual ability tests. This program has 2500 angle ranking questions, 4500 cube counting questions, and 2500 hole punching questions. This program also breaks down your score and tells you what areas you need to improve on. This program also gives you detailed 3-D diagrams to explain each section of the perceptual ability test. 36 Votes

3. DAT Destroyer- The DAT Destroyer is basically a huge book of organic chemistry, general chemistry, biology, and quantitative reasoning questions. These questions have detailed solutions and are considered much harder than the actual DAT. Also the DAT Destroyer contains the Organic Chemistry Roadmaps which help students memorize the organic chemistry reactions quickly. If you can master the DAT Destroyer then the DAT will be a breeze! 33 Votes

4. Chad’s Videos- Chads Videos are an awesome tool for those of you having trouble with Organic Chemistry or General Chemistry. People who have used Chad’s Videos are scoring in the 20-30’s range, I was amazed how many people scored 30 on the general chemistry and organic chemistry sections of the DAT when I checked out his website! These videos are definitely a must, they cost about $30 a month, but you get detailed videos as well as practice quizes, definitely worth the money! 26 Votes Tie

5. CliffsNotes AP Biology– For those of you having trouble with the Biology section of the DAT, CliffsNotes AP Biology book is the perfect resource to help you do well on the biology section! This book reviews every Biology section you will be tested on on the DAT, and also comes with 6 exams for practicing the biology you just learned! Check out our notes and outline for the CliffsNotes AP Biology Book here! 26 Votes Tie

6. TopScore Pro– This is a computer program which simulates real DAT Test taking conditions. This program covers ALL sections of the DAT and has 840 real DAT questions with detailed score breakdowns. Even though the last version came out in 1999, many people still say this program rocks and definitely recommend it! 24 Votes

7. DAT Math Destroyer– One of the hardest sections to do well on the DAT is the quantitative reasoning section. Many people have a hard time with this section, however this section is LEAST important to most dental schools. Becuase many people have problems with this section they choose to buy the Math Destroyer by Orgoman. This book just has extra quantitative reasoning questions for students who would like more practice problems than the DAT Destroyer can provide. 23 Votes

8. Kaplan DAT (Blue Book)– This is probably one the best-selling DAT study materials on the market today! Kaplan does a great job of giving you a brief overview of the DAT, but more study material is needed to do well on the DAT. Many people recommend using another source for the biology section of the DAT, because Kaplan does not go into enough detail for the biology section. Check out our Notes for the Kaplan Blue Book Here. Also Checkout the Flashcards for the Kaplan Blue Book Here! 21 Votes

9.– is a public forum that contains a huge amount of information contributed by users to help you do well on the DAT. Many students have posted advice about what techniques to use on the DAT, good study materials, etc. 19 Votes

10. Chads Practice Materials- If you have already purchased Chad’s Videos you get Chads Practice Materials for free. His Practice materials are basically companion practice problems to go along with his videos, that come free with purchasing the videos. Many students say his practice problems help you apply and remember concepts and are an excellent study source for the DAT. 15 Votes


This information was adapted from a poll titled The Hottest DAT Study Material for 2011

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