Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools To Gain Admissions To For 2011

PreDDS.NET’s Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to gain admissions to in 2011!

Gaining Admission to dental school is tough! This year over 10,000 students will be applying to dental school for a limited amount of spots and around only 40% of those students will get into a dental school. No Dental School is easy to get into, looking at PreDDS.NET’s 2010 USA Dental Schools Admission Statistics you can see that competition is fierce to gain acceptance to a dental school. This list contains private dental schools, all pre-dental students should apply to their state school, then apply to private schools, because private schools (Usually*) don’t give preference to in-state vs out of state students like public schools do! Your Science GPA and DAT scores are a big factor in Admission, keeping these numbers high will help you gain admission to a dental school.

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1. Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine IllinoisMidwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Illinois Ranks at #1 on our list for many factors. The first is this school has a minimum Overall & Science GPA requirement of 2.75. This is low compared to most dental schools. Also this school’s average DAT for the incoming class of 2010 was 18, which is lower than average for most dental schools, but what puts Midwestern University at the top of this list is that it has spots available for 125 dental students, which is the 7th highest out of all dental schools in the United States. Also this dental school has not been fully accredited yet and is new, which causes many pre-dental students to shy away from applying to this school.

2. University Of Southern Nevada– The University of Southern Nevada is number 2 on our list because of how new this program is. The inaugural class will be starting in Fall 2011 and this program hasn’t even received initial accreditation! Also they state on their website that an 18 an a 3.2 GPA is required to be deemed a competitive applicant, which is LOW!

3. A.T. Still University School of Dentistry- The average GPA for this school was 3.18, and the average DAT scores were 18 for the 2010 entering class 3rd lowest DAT & GPA scores. This is a fully accredited university that accepted 70 students, so why are the stats so low? This school tends to accept community-minded students. If you have a lot of dental community service hours you should definitely apply to this school!

4. Tufts University School of Dental MedicineThe average Science GPA for this school was 3.34, and the average DAT was 19 (Academic Average) for the 2010 entering class. What makes Tufts so attractive is its large class size, there were 178 students in the 2010 (2nd most seats out of all schools in the USA) entering class and 81% of them were out of state. Now if I was an Out of State student looking for a school to apply to Tufts would be an excellent choice due to the large amount of seats available, and the lower admission requirements.

5. Boston University School of Dental Medicine- The average science GPA at Boston University was 3.29 and the average DAT (Academic Average) was 19 for the 2010 entering class. These numbers are pretty low and would be a great choice for students who are have lower than average DAT and GPA scores. Also the 2010 class size was 115 students which is the 10th largest class size in the USA, more seats help increase your chances of getting in!

6. New York University School of Dental Medicine- Other top 10 lists have put this school at the top of their list due to price, but because New York University has the largest applicant pool in the USA it is number 6 on our countdown. NYU has a lower than average acceptance science GPA (3.34), but it makes up for it with its slightly higher average DAT acceptance score which is 20 (Academic Average). The reason why NYU is the top 10 easiest dental schools to gain admissions to is because of it large class size. NYU has the largest class 2010 entering class size in the USA, they accepted 235 students in 2010.

7. Western University College of Dental MedicineWestern University made it to number 7 on our countdown due to the low science GPA and DAT scores for the 2010 entering class, 3.34, and 18.5 (Academic Average). This is a private dental school which has 73 seats and has 2538 students apply each year. This school is has the 8th lowest amount of applicants out of all private dental schools in the USA per year. Less applicants, less competition!

8. University of Southern California School of Dentistry- The average GPA was 3.2 and the average DAT score was 20 for the 2010 entering class. This school also has the third largest entering class in the USA for 2010 with 144 seats! The low GPA and high number of seats make this school number 8 on our countdown, but why not higher? Well only 24% of the 2010 entering class were Out Of State Students! Even though this is a private dental school, they tend to accept more students from their home state so BEWARE of other schools like this! Because of the low 2010 entering class GPA and high number of seats, this school made it to number 8 on the countdown!

9. Loma Linda University School of Dentistry The average GPA was 3.45 (science) and the average DAT score was 19.8 for the 2010 entering class. The average GPA and DAT scores are slightly below average for the 2010 entering class, so what puts this school at number 9 on our countdown? This school has roughly 100 seats and is has the 6th smallest applicant pool in the USA for private dental schools (2139 applicants). This school is more religious which tends to scare away some applicants, but if you are religious, this is a great school! The sheer amount of seats and the small applicant pool make this school number 9 on our countdown.

10. Midwestern University Arizona School of Dentistry The 2010 entering class statistics were 3.39 (Science GPA), and 19.1 (Academic Average DAT). This a little below average, but what makes Midwestern number 10 on our list? Midwestern has 111 seats (11th most seats in the USA), and only 2,728 applicants (Probably due to how new the school is). The slightly lower GPA and DAT scores combined with the lower amount of applicants and the large amount of seats increases your odds of getting accepted!

Disclaimer: All schools listed here are great schools to attend, easier does not mean they are “bad” schools. Schools may be easier to get into for a variety of reasons listed above which include price, location, how new the school is, accreditation status, length of program, etc.

Good Luck applying to dental school, post comments below!

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