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Dental School Admission Statistics 2010 Entering Class

Below is a table displaying the Dental School Admission Statistics for the class entering Fall 2010. These statistics are designed to help pre-dental students choose the schools they plan on applying to. All pre-dental students should apply to their respective state public school, and then apply to private schools which have a high acceptance rate for out of state students. As a rule of thumb, you should apply to at least 10 private schools in which your DAT & GPA scores are greater than or equal to the 2010 entering class, to have a better chance at getting accepted.

Buy the ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools 2011: For Students Entering in Fall 2012 for more detailed school statistics using the link above.


1. These are the most updated statistics and were created for students who plan on applying to dental school Summer 2011.

2. I created these statistics because much of what I found on was outdated or inaccurate.

3. When values were not reported I reported the value as 0 on the table to make the table sorting function work better. Some values where actually 0, using good judgment and common sense it should be easy to distinguish the 0 values and the not reported values, any questions or clarification please comment below.

Table Key

Dental School- The name & link to the dental school (Please report broken links).

Tuition (IS)- The total 4-year tuition for an In-State Resident (Excluding Cost of Living & Fees) (rounded).

Tuition (OOS)- The total 4-year tuition for an Out of State Resident (Excluding Cost of Living & Fees) (rounded).

GPA (Mean)- The average total GPA for the 2010 entering class (rounded).

GPA (Science)- The average total GPA for science classes for the 2010 entering class (rounded).

DAT (AA)- The average Academic Average score for the 2010 entering class which is calculated by determining the sum of Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning scores for the DAT and dividing by five (rounded).

DAT (TS)- The average Total Sciences score for the 2010 entering class which is calculated by determining the sum of Biology, Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry scores for the DAT and dividing by three (rounded).

DAT (PAT)- The average perceptual ability test score for the 2010 entering class (rounded).

Applicants- The total number of applicants in the 2010 cycle.

% OOS- The percentage of students who are enrolled for the 2010 cycle who are not from the state were the dental school is located, (not including international students) (rounded).

% International- The percentage of students who are enrolled for the 2010 cycle who are not from the US citizens (not including Out of State Students) (rounded).

Seats- The total number of students who are attending for the 2010 cycle.

Public/Private- Indicates if the school is a Public school or Private school. (Some schools may be private schools but are still state related, in which they may accept more in-state students).

On Some Versions of Internet Explorer the Sorting Function on the table does not work, try using Firefox.

Please report any broken links to Jon at

Sort the table by pressing any of the table header menu items, to limit the number of entries shown click the dropdown menu Show XX Entries, use the arrows on the bottom right-hand corner of the table to scroll through the pages.

Dental SchoolStateTuition (IS)Tuition (OOS)GPA (Mean)GPA (Science)DAT (AA)DAT (TS)DAT (PAT)Applicants% OOS% InternationalSeatsPublic/Private
University of Alabama AL825002310003.73.620202067515058Public
A.T. Still UniversityAZ1960001960003.313.1717.917.918.6317971070Private
Midwestern University-AZAZ2170002170003.483.3919.118.920.3272804111Private
Loma Linda University CA2470002470003.453.3619.820.120.621395116100Private
University of California-SFCA150000490003.53.56202120175513088Public
University of Southern California CA2560002560003.23.32020203343240144Private
University of the Pacific CA2420002420003.443.382121213063150141Private
Western UniversityCA2230002230003.413.318.518.819.1253841073Private
University of Colorado CO970001980003.723.65191920126740052Public
The University of Connecticut CT820001900003.683.6202119119250045Public
Howard UniversityDC1150001150003.003.00181818255791880Private
University of Florida FL1240002300003.63.5192020153310083Public
Nova Southeastern UniversityFL1810001870003.73.6519.620203364406110Private
Medical College of GeorgiaGA79000790003.63.5818.718.119.93070070Public
Midwestern University-IllinoisIL2450002450003.20181818000125Private
Southern Illinois University IL1110003320003.633.7018.718.619.56992051Public
University of Illinois-ChicagoIL1460002910003.53.519.119.119.417039066Public
Indiana University IN1050002300003.63.551918.919.31667307101Public
The University of Iowa IA1270002080003.743.6619191995129180Public
University of KentuckyKY1010002070003.433.29181814146430257Public
University of Louisville KY930002030003.513.411818192957630120Public
Louisiana State University LA490001040003.463.5419.919.419.951311065Public
University of Maryland MD920002030003.63.52020202764450130Public
Boston University MA2290002290003.383.2919191945405329115Private
Tufts UniversityMA2270002270003.453.341920204421810178Private
University of Detroit Mercy MI2150002150003.583.582020201773101688Private
University of MichiganMI1210001890003.463.361919202075416106Public
University of Minnesota MN1580002280003.623.5719.519.720.295543698Public
University of Mississippi MS66000660003.643.561818191100035Public
University of Missouri-Kansas City MO1170001390003.633.6118.418.418.6704260109Public
Crieghton University NE1900001900003.563.4618.819.019.9274012185Private
University of Nebraska NE970002590003.793.751918.519.584231045Public
University of Nevada NV1690002680003.373.2819.319.520.2234630180Public
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New JerseyNJ1240001990003.73.519.820.219.2215828190Public
Columbia PresbyterianNY1940001940003.443.4422.22320.5236564078Private
New York University NY2280002280003.443.3420212048445410235Private
SUNY at Stony BrookNY860001890003.73.7212221126213840Public
University at Buffalo NY860001890003.653.5819.519.619.7201018090Public
East Carolina University NC000000000050Public
The University of North Carolina at Chapel HillNC840001720003.443.36191919140219081Public
Case WesternOH2140002140003.593.54202020289255073Private
Ohio State UniversityOH1450001770003.723.65202020.51090162106Public
University of Oklahoma OK700001650003.533.4719.419.21973325056Public
Oregon Health Science OR1120001870003.613.551919.220107035175Public
University of Pennsylvania PA2360002360003.683.6221212021147512117Private
University of Pittsburgh PA1440001740003.613.5519.72020.4205070880Private
Temple UniversityPA1520002110003.553.461919.4194244440126Private
University of Puerto Rico SchoolPR30000600003.533.411616164357045Public
University of South CarolinaSC1420002490003.513.571902076223070Public
Meharry TN1390001390003.173.00161617187567049Private
University of Tennessee TN890002100003.583.5018181857238082Public
University of Texas-San AntonioTX56000990003.623.5419191910625098Public
University of Texas - HoustonTX590001020003.583.5619.319.31911612084Public
Roseman College of Dental MedicineUT003.43.21818180000Private
Virginia Commonwealth VA850001790003.533.50191920253737595Public
University of Washington WA1090002340003.593.4919.82019.9102715063Public
West Virginia University WV550001540003.423.28171718128320451Public
Marquette University WI1520001860003.63.5181819274550080Private




  • Statistics provided from the respective school website.
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